CFC Guam is an integral part of worldwide CFC family, a global network of CFC groups acting within the framework of the overall CFC vision and mission. It shares the same basic mission throughout the world. Its task is to serve the Lord basically in three areas: evangelization, family life renewal, and total Christian liberation.


CFC  Guam decides on its own specific plans and strategies which to carry out the CFC mission, but always in line with CFC's global direction and thrusts. CFC Guam  is guided by the following principles: unity and uniformity, interdependence, and accountability.


1. Unity

COUPLES FOR CHRIST throughout the world is one body, one family, one army. It is to have one vision and one mission. It is one united work of the Holy Spirit. It is to live out one culture, the Christian culture that transcends national, racial and social differences.

2. Uniformity

CFC Guam is to be distinguishable in any part of the world by any member. This is accomplished by  uniformity in the most important elements that make a group a part of the worldwide CFC family.

3. Interdependence

CFC Guam being part global network of CFC groups in different countries, acts within the framework of the overall CFC vision and mission.

4. Accountability

CFC Guam is accountable to the Lord for its life and service, and as a concrete and practical expression of this, is accountable to the CFC International Council for the conduct of its life and work, while preserving always the rights of the local Ordinary.


A. CFC Guam should take initiative in pursuing the CFC vision and mission, and should work towards being self-sufficient, self-reliant and self-supporting as to the required human, financial and logistical resources.

B. CFC Manila functions as the center for the work of COUPLES FOR CHRIST throughout the world. The CFC International Council (Manila) is tasked with overseeing the work of CFC Guam, strengthening the life and mission of CFC throughout the world, and preserving the unity of the worldwide family.

C. The CFC International Council accredits CFC Guam as officially part of the international CFC community, and may remove such accreditation for any valid reason or just cause.

D. The CFC International Council acts as the ultimate arbiter for any unresolved conflicts or disputes within the international CFC community, while preserving always the dispositions given by the universal legislation of the Church.


The CFC Guam is led by Governance Team (GT) comprises of five (5) brothers headed by the Chapter Head. The members of the Governance Team are appointed by the Country Coordinator, in consultation with the elders of Guam, and subject to the approval of the Micronesia Regional Head.



1.  Jun Pamintuan - Chapter Head, Pastoral & Spiritual Formation

2.  Dcn Greg Calvo - Evangelization, Mission & Church Integration

3.  Rudy Gudmalin - Dededo Unit

4.  Nel Matanguihan - Finance & Family Ministry

5.  Eugene Santos - ANCOP & TMTM Unit


Country Coordinator: Leo Amat

Micronesia Regional Head: Jess Ferrer


See CFC Guam Leadership in its entirety...


The CFC International Council is the overall top governing body for the international CFC community. It is the overall policy-making body that determines major policies for the entire body. Policies of CFC Guam should always conform to policies set by the CFC International Council. In cases of different interpretations as to the meaning or application of these statutes, the interpretation of the CFC International Council will prevail.


The CFC Guam Governance Team has the following role and responsibilities:

1. To promote the vision and mission of CFC throughout Guam

2. To oversee and coordinate the work of CFC in Guam

3. To ensure preservation of the CFC vision and culture.


CFC Guam recognizes, defers to and actively submits to the authority of the "Spiritual Adviser" as shepherd of his particular diocese. The Spiritual Adviser's competence is in doctrinal and liturgical matters, and will not involve organizational matters. CFC Guam is open to a visitation from the Spiritual Adviser at any CFC meeting or event, and to any special meeting to be called by him for any purpose.


Spiritual Adviser: Fr Paul Gofigan