Servants Of The Lord

Servants of the Lord (SOLD) specifically targets mature men from ages forty-one (41) and above. SOLD provides an environment wherein they will be empowered to manage their lives accordingly and find spiritual sustenance. SOLD activities revolve around the spirit of brotherhood offering pastoral formation programs that mold its members to become “True Men of God”.


Its membership profile varies from young adults, bachelors, married men who are living separately from their spouses due to work assignment, widowers, and those who are legally separated.



A. Pure SOLD CLP – Community Evangelization Program

Encourages members to conduct exclusive Christian Life Programs for SOLD candidates.


B. Corporate/Government Evangelization

This program is bringing SOLD to the work place – conducting CLPs for men or facilitating in mixed CLPs and integrating the graduates to their respective sectors.


C. Prison Ministry Program

No one should be deprived of Christ’s salvation, even hardened criminals, and SOLD takes part in the mission to the prisoners by bringing the CLP inside the prison cells and giving them love, peace and hope.


D. Police/Military Program

Peace and order is a man’s job and to achieve that our brothers in uniform must have Christ in their hearts. SOLD is a new breed of men who braves to conduct CLPs in the police and military camps.


E. “Usapang Maginoo” (Good Men’s Talk)


F. Gift of Life (Pro-life) Ministry

Conducting Men’s Values Formation, showing the brothers how to become true men of God through the teachings and activities that will definitely attract them to join.


CFC Guam Servants of the Lord, is being headed by Richard Cacal.


To know more, see CFC Guam Leadership


In the recent years, CFC Guam SOLD has been actively shepherding in its evangelization program such as Christian Life Program, as well as those migrant activities namely Financial Management, Men’s Conference and the likes, and has gathered much appreciation and support from CFC community.  It is projected through the grace of GOD and the dedication of its leadership, that CFC Guam SOLD,  will be one of the more active family ministry in the future in line with its objective in becoming true men of God.

CFC Guam SOLD Recent Events & Activities