The Music Ministry is composed of brothers and sisters in CFC and its family ministries who are appointed by CFC Music Ministry Director to contribute in the development of the culture and practice of praise and worship through music.



To promote CFC music globally, and to direct the community to the right CFC culture with respect to its praise and worship practices and traditions.




a. Ministry of Music is a SERVICE to God (Psalm 100:1-2).  

It is not something that we do for ourselves.  We worship Him whether we feel like it or not, whether we feel blessed or not. Music is something that we do for God.  We worship God in music because God is most worthy to be praised. Singing praise and worship songs is a direct service to God, it's actually singing to God.

-Ministry of Music is not just an opportunity to develop one's talents and skills.

-It is not playing music for the sake of pleasure and personal fulfillment. (It requires sacrifice and commitment.)

-It is not a spiritual opportunity for glamour, prestige and popularity.  (We are servants not masters.)

-It is not something "I have to do" because of my gifts and talents.

-It is not talent oriented, not ability oriented, not even music oriented.  Ministry of Music is GOD CENTERED.   If it is to be true worship, then it must be acceptable, pleasing and glorifying to God.


b. Ministry of Music is a SERVICE to the community.

-It is to support the community in praise and worship. The songs to be sung and the styles to be used should be those that the whole community should be able to participate in the worship of God. It   means   setting   aside   your   preferences   in   beat,   style,   volume or arrangement for the sake of the common good.

- It is not to call attention to itself.  

-It is to keep the community Musically alive.  Learn and teach new songs regularly. Prayerfully discern the songs that are most helpful to the spiritual life of the community. The music ministry should be able to choose the right song at the right time



a. Music to express praise, gratitude and thanksgiving

b. Music to express repentance, sorrow and transformation

c. Music to express spiritual warfare


The CFC-Guam Music Ministry, which is presently headed by Bro Brian Galang; is made up of members across the entire spread of the CFC community and its family ministries. Through the Music Ministry, members are afforded a path for spiritual growth by crafting an atmosphere beneficial for praise and worship that touches people’s hearts to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. If you have the inner desire to make use of your God’s given talent to further glorify God, simply approach your Unit Head or HH Leader to volunteer.