Youth For Christ

CFC Youth for Christ (YFC) is a family ministry of Couples for Christ (CFC), a Catholic charismatic community and family life movement. It owes its existence, identity, mission and vision to CFC as it exists as a partner in evangelizing the young.



Young People Being and Bringing Christ Wherever They Are.


CFC- Youth for Christ Programs

A. Community Based

YFCs emerged in barangays and Parishes, grouped per household, chapter, cluster and sector. It works closely with the parish structure that it is in, participating in the various activities of the parish.


B. High School Based

Serves as Clubs/Student organizations in High Schools. YFC believes that there is a need to evangelize the young from the High Schools because it is in the stage if their lives where their formative foundations are crucial.


C. Campus Based

Serves as Student organizations in College or University level campuses. This seeks to provide a point of conversion/reconversion, where a young person can grow as a man or woman of God, and be encouraged to take responsibility and gain leadership as they lead others to God as well.


D. TORCH (Towards Renewal in Christ)

The support program of YFC and serves as an identity membership of the children of the CFC Mission Core Group members. These children are being prepared and motivated to share the torch of leadership that lighted the path of their partners to continue the CFC mission.


CFC Guam Youth for Christ, is being headed by Bro Nap & Sis Connie Nazareno through the leadership of Bro Nel & Sis Tess Mantanguihan.


To know more... see CFC Guam Leadership


It is truly a blessing, being able to accomplish and to complete that much events in a short span of time; with such plentiful harvest from Youth Camps, the unwavering service of our youth members to the parishes and community through the dedication and hardwork of YFC leaders and entire Family Ministries. It is expected with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, and the commitment of CFC community that CFC Guam YFC will attain its goal, mission and vision to CFC as a partner in evangelizing the young.

CFC YFC Christmas Party Dec.2019

CFC YFC Christmas Carolling Dec.2019

CFC YFC Tumon Rosary Nov.2019

CFC YFC Prayer Assembly Nov.2019

CFC YFC Youth Camp July.2019

CFC YFC Planning Jan.2019